Dreaming during pregnancy

Give birth to an alien, be abandoned by your partner, have sex with your ex … During your pregnancy, you can dream pretty bizarre and lively. How did that happen? And what exactly do those dreams mean? Your pregnancy dreams explained.

Lively dreams during your pregnancy

Dreams can be seen as a (symbolic) reflection of everything that occupies you in your daily life: your emotions, worries, and fears. Your brain processes all the impressions that you can not pay attention to during the day. It is as if at night – if your head does not need to be busy with other things – the cleaning service comes along to see what can be done. Why you often make a very different story of events in your sleep, with images that you might not even think of when you are awake, is not exactly clear. But because being pregnant occasionally can feel like a roller coaster of emotions and you gain a lot of new information and experiences, your dreams can be stranger than normal. Many pregnant women experience bizarre and very lively adventures in their sleep.


How it exactly comes about that you often dream differently during pregnancy than normal, has not been scientifically proven.¬†Strange dreams can come from changing hormones. The increased progesterone level in your body creates more emotional ups and downs. This means you have to process more emotions during pregnancy than normal and according to scientists, dreams help. Your dreams work as an outlet. Read here what pregnancy hormones can do with you. During pregnancy, you make things that you have never experienced before. You have to arrange everything and decide what you have not thought about before and get used to a changing body. Meanwhile, your daily life continues as usual. It can be pretty busy in your head. According to scientists, dreams help you to get order in that chaos. Even strange dreams with absurd situations can have the purpose of giving events a place, making your head ‘army’. Dreams may also help to better remember certain events. Tips if you suffer from mood swings.

You remember dreams better

People dream every night and maybe you normally also take part in your sleep but have you forgotten that in the morning. When you are pregnant, you often remember what you dreamed, even in the details. That is because you wake up faster at night. Pregnant women often sleep lighter because, for example, they can not lie comfortably. You also have to get out more often, for example, because you have to go to the toilet or suffer from other sleeping problems due to pregnancy. The more you wake up at night, the greater the chance that you will remember your dream.

Nightmares during pregnancy

Research has shown that pregnant women are more likely to suffer from nightmares. This is probably due to a changed hormone balance and stronger emotions. Also (unconscious) tensions and worries can express themselves in your dream. Becoming a mother brings with it great responsibilities. You may see the birth or worry about your baby. Pregnant women are also often deeper touched by a story or something they have seen on TV. The further your pregnancy progresses, the more intense your nightmares can be. What you experience in your sleep can worry you. Do not try to take your dreams too literally. Do not assume that they are predictive, but that they are meant to process something that has already happened and give it a place. The events that your brain chooses during sleep are symbolic. You can see which concerns can be found. Write them down, talk about them and try to relax before you go to bed. There is a good chance that your dreams will start to fade less quickly. Tip: write down before you go to sleep where you would like to dream about. Try to fantasize about that until you fall asleep. This way you help your brain focus on fine things.

Common dreams: what they mean

Some dream experts and psychologists say that pregnant women often dream about the same themes, which change per pregnancy trimester . Dream experts try to interpret the meanings of these pregnancy dreams, although the meaning per woman may be different. An overview of the most common dreams.

First trimester:

dreams Especially women who are pregnant for the first time dream about their upcoming delivery. Not crazy, because you have no idea what to expect. Because you have no experience with it and of course hope for a successful birth, you can dream that the baby will flee without any trouble. Also, a dream that is very common: you give birth to a child that is a few years old or even mature. An explanation for this is that you find it very exciting to have a vulnerable, helpless baby entrusted to you. In your dream, you reassure yourself by making it a larger, more independent child. The delivery: what can you expect?

Dreams in which you are surrounded by water

Many pregnant women dream that they are swimming, whether in the sea, a swimming pool or a very large fishbowl. The water in your dream probably represents the amniotic fluid in your womb. Later in the pregnancy, dreams about water may have to do with the fear of breaking your membranes. If you dream that you are swimming underwater, it can mean that you are greatly absorbed in all your emotions.

Erotic dreams during your pregnancy

That many pregnant women dream about sex is not crazy. Researchers have a scientific explanation for this: it has to do with the influx of extra blood to the erogenous zones, such as your nipples and vagina. This makes these zones more sensitive than normal. In addition, you have an increased estrogen level and your vagina is moister because you have more vaginal discharge. This not only creates more sex dreams, but it can also make them look like. You can even get an orgasm during your sleep, which is controlled purely by your brain. Erotic dreams can also arise if your sex life is actually in a dip due to pregnancy. Many women temporarily have less sense, their big belly is in the way, they are tired or the partner has just less need. Because the desire is there somewhere, you get exciting dreams as compensation for lack of real sex. But there is another explanation: erotic dreams can also point to uncertainty about your body and sex life. Your exciting dreams work in that case as reassurance: do not worry, you’re still sexy and attractive.

Dream that you are pregnant

Are you in reality not pregnant, but do you dream that you will have a child or will give birth? That does not mean that a pregnancy arrives or that you now unconsciously long for it. According to dream analyst Ally Mead, this dream is about the need to create. After all, when women are pregnant, they create a new life. You can also get this dream if you’re working on a new project at your work or with a big change in the house. Also a kind of ‘delivery’.

Know when you can best make love

The chance of becoming pregnant is not the same every day. In fact, on a large number of days it is very unlikely that you become pregnant. The days right up to and including the day after your ovulation are the most fertile. It is therefore good to know your fertile days . By making love on these days, you are most likely to get pregnant quickly.

Fairly regular

Free at least every 9 days past ovulation symptoms. More often, but is not necessary. This way you automatically release several times during your most fertile days.

Predict: take the time for your excitement

Excitement increases the chance of pregnancy according to some studies. The more excited your man is, the better the quality of his seed can be. If you are more agitated yourself, you become more humid. This not only makes sex more pleasant, but also ensures a better environment for the seed.

Have fun between the sheets

If you are having sex, do not try to do this only with the idea of becoming pregnant. Make sure you both enjoy. This not only makes it more fun but also increases your chances. It ensures that the chance that you are coming is growing. This is fine and gives a positive motivation for the next time, but due to the contractions of the uterus, the sperm cells are also likely to be pushed in the right direction.

Choose a position where you can easily stay there afterward

It is often said that with missionary attitude (man above) you have the greatest chance of becoming pregnant. Also on his doggie and spoon-spoonful would be fruitful stands. This would be because of the man at these positions as deep as possible and thus close to the womb. It is not entirely clear whether this is really the case. It seems that the chance is smaller if you are sitting on top or if you are free standing. This has mainly to do with gravity. At the moment of ejaculation, a part of the sperm cells will flow out of the vagina in this way.

After lovemaking, just lie down and enjoy with your partner

Many women go straight to the toilet after having sex. It is good to urinate after sex, this reduces the chance of a bladder infection. However, if you want to get pregnant, you better lie on your back for another 10 minutes. By placing a pillow under your buttocks, you tilt your pelvis and help the sperm in the right direction.